Our Disaster Response Equipment is Proudly Made in USA

Made in the USAAidGear's emergency water purification systems are proudly designed and manufactured in USA from a majority of USA-made components.

We use top-of-the-line components in our equipment because we are committed to building highly reliable systems.

Our custom frames are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, laser cut, hand-welded, and powder-coated. Each system is meticulously built, inspected and tested.

We take pride in our water filtration products because we genuinely care about the function they perform and how important they are to those that use them.

We strive to make our systems better because we know that lives depend on our emergency water purifier products working in the harshest of environments.

The following table provides information about the origin of parts in our products.

Component Origin
Custom design and assembly Made in USA by AidGear
Custom control electronics Made in USA by AidGear
Custom control software Made in USA by AidGear
Watertight case Made in USA
AGM battery Made in USA
Diaphragm pump Made in USA
Filters and strainers Made in USA
Flexible hose and tubing Made in USA and UK
Hose connectors and fittings Made in USA and UK
Filter housings China
Ultraviolet filter Canada
Solar panels Made in USA
Electronics assembly Made in USA
Pressure sensors Made in USA
TDS sensors Made in USA
Flow sensors Made in USA
Electronic parts Made in USA and others
Hardware Made in USA and others
Lubricants, sealants, adhesives Made in USA

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