Portable Water Purification for Church, Missionary, and Medical Teams

Access to clean, safe, drinking water is crucial to the health and viability of your church, missionary, or medical team. Given the availability of water filter technology, there should be no excuse today for any traveling missionary or medical worker to get sick from water-borne illnesses in the field and be rendered ineffective.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

After spending thousands of dollars on air-fares, hotels, and other expenses to reach places that need your help, the last thing you want to happen is for any of your church, missionary, or medical team to get sick for lack of clean water. Your team members are your most valuable asset and need to be protected.

In order to stay healthy and avoid water-borne illnesses such as Diarrhea, Cholera, Guinea worm disease, Intestinal worms, Schistosomiasis, Trachoma, and Typhoid, the health needs of your team, no matter how large or small, must remain an important concern.

Local water supplies may be damaged and rendered useless because of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flooding. Water pipes may have cracked and become dirty. Local bottled water may be in short supply, expensive, difficult to move around, inadequate for the total water needs of your team, or from an untrustworthy source.

An Essential Team Member

When traveling overseas, your team should think of a portable water filtration unit as an additional member who's sole responsibility is to provide safe, clean water for your team members and the people you are helping.

Therefore, investing in a quality water purification system to provide reliable and safe water wherever you are in the world must be a top priority for your church medical team and those you are serving. The system must be robust, reliable, easy to use, flexible, able to withstand years of use and abuse, and backed by a company that cares about your mission.

A good water purifier unit for a medical team or church team should:

  • Produce great, safe, clean, drinking water (without chemicals or complex processes)
  • Produce enough water (for the daily needs of at least 20 people)
  • Be portable (since these teams are expected to go anywhere)
  • Have its own power (such as an internal battery and solar panels)
  • Be able to operate from other power sources (such as a car battery or mains supply)
  • Be self-contained (everything fits inside one container)
  • Be robust (able to withstand airports, rough roads, and weather extremes)
  • Be easily repaired (using common parts and hand tools)
  • Provide additional functions (such as being able to charge cell phones, power radio communications, or run LED lighting)

The AidGear Oasis-3 water purification system is designed and built by people who have been part of disaster response teams and know how such equipment is expected to operate in the field. We have designed our equipment with the needs of your church or medical team in mind.

Let AidGear Help You

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your church, missionary, or medical team. We have a wealth of experience working with church-based ministries and other Christian organizations.

We're here to help you fulfill your life-changing mission, protect your team members, and get the job done!