Portable Water Purification for Expeditions, Camping, and Hunting

No matter where you are in the planet or what you are doing, one thing is certain, you need clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Don't Trust The Water

While the water you find in a mountain stream or rivers in the backcountry can look sparkling pure, it can still be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants. Each year many wilderness campers, hunters, and expeditions report occurrences of water-borne illnesses such as diarrhea, Giardia, and Leptospirosis.

There are many effective personal water filters on the market (some of which we sell), but what do you do if you need to provide larger volumes of drinkable water at a base camp, quickly and efficiently?

Base Camp Portable Water Purifier

When traveling on any major expedition, extended camping or hunting trip, your group should think of a portable water filtration unit as an additional member who's sole responsibility is to provide safe, clean water for your fellow outdoors folk.

Therefore, investing in a quality water purification system to provide reliable and safe water wherever you are in the world must be a top priority. The system must be robust, reliable, easy to use, flexible, able to withstand years of use and abuse.

A portable, self-contained water purification until that can be easily stowed within a vehicle, moved from site to site, and setup within minutes is a valuable asset to have on your outdoor venture.

A good water purifier unit should:

  • Produce great, safe, clean, drinking water (without chemicals or complex processes)
  • Produce enough water (for the daily needs of at least 20 people)
  • Be portable (since these teams are expected to go anywhere)
  • Have its own power (such as an internal battery and solar panels)
  • Be able to operate from other power sources (such as a car battery or mains supply)
  • Be self-contained (everything fits inside one container)
  • Be robust (able to withstand airports, rough roads, and weather extremes)
  • Be easily repaired (using common parts and hand tools)
  • Provide additional functions (such as being able to charge cell phones, power radio communications, or run LED lighting)

The AidGear Oasis-3 water purification system is designed and built by people who enjoy the outdoors life and know how such equipment is expected to operate in the field.

Let AidGear Help You

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