When Water is Better Than Medicine...

It is more important to use water correctly than to use medicines. The following situations indicate when having access to safe, clean water is important.

In Prevention

To help prevent... Use water...
Diarrhea, worms, gut infections Boil or filter drinking water, wash hands, etc.
Skin infections Bathe often
Wounds becoming infected; tetanus Wash wounds well with soap and clean water

In Treatment

To treat... Use water...
Diarrhea, dehydration Drink plenty of liquids
Illnesses with fever Drink plenty of liquids
High fever Remove clothing and soak body with cool water
Minor urinary infections (common in women) Drink plenty of water
Cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough Drink a lot of water and breathe hot water vapors (to loosen mucus)
Sores, impetigo, ringworm of skin or scalp, cradle cap, pimples Scrub with soap and clean water
Infected wounds, abscesses, boils Hot soaks or compresses
Stiff, sore muscles and joints Hot compresses
Strains and sprains The first day: soak joint in cold water; then use hot soaks
Itching, burning, or weeping irritations of the skin Cold compresses
Minor burns Hold in cold water at once
Sore throat or tonsillitis Gargle with warm salt water
Acid, lye, dirt, or irritating substance in eye Flood eye with cool water at once, and continue for 30 minutes
Stuffed up nose Sniff salt water
Constipation, hard stools Drink lots of water (also, enemas are safer than laxatives, but do not overuse)
Cold sores or fever blisters Hold ice on blister for 1 hour at first sign

In each of the above cases (except pneumonia) when water is used correctly, often medicines are not needed.

Source: "Where There Is No Doctor" by David Werner, 2009. Page 47-48